firewood-1162252_960_720TLC2 Tree Service is doing their part to be environmentally responsible by recycling 100% of by-product material from their tree service as possible. A direct result of that effort is being able to offer seasoned firewood of the highest quality.

Seasoned firewood burns cleaner, creates less creosote buildup in chimneys, and produces up to 25% more heat. We process quality hard and soft wood by splitting it into 16-18 inch lengths and season it over two years.

Firewood Pricing and Availability – Demand for our quality firewood changes from season to season.

TLC2 sells quality firewood by cords and half cords.

TLC2’s Summer Firewood Sale ensures that our customers get the best price for the camping season.

And before the demand and price goes up for the winter we hold our annual Early Bird Firewood Special from September through October.

Call TLC2 at 209-676-0079 for pricing.

Firewood Delivery

TLC2 offers free delivery for the 209 area codes. There is a nominal delivery fee if you live outside of those area codes. Give TLC2 a call and we can discuss our discounted delivery rates

After four generations in the tree care industry we can confidentially say that TLC2 Tree Service is an expert in processing quality firewood.

Tips for storing your firewood

  • Stack your firewood in a sunny, airy location.
  • Cover your stack of firewood with a tarp or plastic to keep it dry.
  • Stack your firewood above the ground on a base of bricks or treated lumber to allow air movement under the pile and to prevent wood decay.
  • Keep your stack of firewood away from the house to prevent spread of insects to the house.