Tree care does not have to be complicated. Below are some basic tree care tips and information that are important for the health and beauty of your trees.

Professional corrective trimming of your trees while they are young is important to get them off to a healthy structural start.  But whether your trees are young or mature and need corrective trimming TLC2 Tree Service will provide you with expert knowledge and service to meet all your tree care needs.

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Basic Tree Care

  1. Start with the right type of tree in the right location
  2. Maintenance your trees early and regularly with TLC2 Tree Service
  3. Watch your trees for signs of distress

Your trees need trimming if …

  1. They are touching your house or roof
  2. They are dropping leaves and debris into your gutters
  3. They have dead limbs or branches
  4. You cannot see day light through the tree

Remember well trimmed trees are aesthetically pleasing and can add to the value of your property.

The best time of year to trim a tree is determined by the type of tree…

  1. Evergreen trees can be trimmed at any time.
  2. Flowering trees should be trimmed before they bloom or 30 days after they bloom.
  3. Deciduous trees (trees that loose their leaves) should be trimmed in the fall.

Why it is important to have a professional tree service prune or trim your trees?

  1. When removing branches, if too much of a stub is left on the tree it creates a perfect entry point for insects and disease pathogens that can kill part or the entire tree.
  2. Leaving tears or rips on the limbs of a tree when pruning is unhealthy for a tree and will weaken it.
  3. Severely cutting back the branches of a tree causes weak growth in the form of multiple branches growing straight up. These fast growing shoots are known as suckers and ruin the natural structure of the tree.
  4. Trees that are incorrectly trimmed, such as topping, can ruin the structure of the tree for the future. Topping your trees will set you up for a vicious cycle of having to re-top your trees every year, which can get expensive.
  5. Some types of trees when they are properly trimmed or pruned by a professional tree service may not need trimming for two to four years.

Taking care of the root system of a tree

  1. Removing any part of a tree’s root system can kill a tree or a section of a tree.
  2. Avoid cutting trenches around a tree’s root system for utility lines.
  3. Protect your trees from ‘nicks’ which can often be caused by lawn mowers.
  4. Trees must be allowed the proper space for a flourishing root system.
  5. Avoid planting your trees too close to the sidewalk or street; it can cause cracks in the pavement or even elevate sections of sidewalks creating a hazard for pedestrians.

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